Nature’s All Unifying TheoryAuTheoN

                  …how “something is created out of no thing” in an ever continuing process…

A new “start of the beginning with no thing” discloses step by step  how Nature’s process of creation  of “something out of nothing” is  based on an exclusive oer-principle of a unifying two-oneness.  In addition to this, the logistic order of its logic must be respected. This is quite opposed to “what human beings did imagine, invent, develop and believe” ever since their beginning, resulting in incomprehensible series of miracles till the Renaissance of the Western part on the globe. Based on never changing oer-principles and -conditions, Nature’s mathematics are basic but “dynamic” : there are just three unifying operations and when natural (counting) number “five with beta symbol “5”, turns out to be the first which is no two-oneness, this is leading to the disclosure of the oer-dimension of “dynamics“, showing to be inseparably related to “directions” which for reasons of symmetry must be independent of each other by being “perpendicular”, even when Nature surprises because the logistic order of its logic is offering no objective method how to define & quantisize directions in space... 29-07-2020

This necessitates to replace the “cube” as “static & immobile unit of volume of human beings” by the cylinder as unity of Nature’s dynamic volume pp, per period, disclosing itself as  “womb in which Nature’s process of “creation of some thing out of no thing” is going to be realized when its period of being “complex” has arrived”…

Nature’s “Grid of Growth” commands the purification of the “concept of relativity”, presenting  Synchro-Super-Symmetry  and the identification of the third oerdimension is indeed showing “how some thing is created out of no thing”: eightoctoquants” of elementary mass, matter, dark-matter etc. being part of:
                                          Nature’s  All Unifying Theory – AuTheoN

This is more than a GUT as“General Unifying Theory” or even a ToE, the holy grail of the “Theory of Everything”  just because AuTheoN  is based on Nature’s daily practice where “no thing” plays a dominant role, disclosing everything you need to know about that beginning, allowing you “to see and to be seen…”


This is more than ToE, the holy grail of the “Theory of Everything” just because AuTheoN  is based on Nature’s daily practice where “no thing” plays a dominant role, allowing you “to see and to be seen…”

The results of this new “natural start of the beginning with no thing” requires some precautions to avoid your mind to be blown…  INTRO  gives some advice.

Part I   …how the start with a point of nothing will change your life…
                  The hitherto broken relationship between the first two oer-
dimensions is restored and  -opposed to Einstein’s concept that  “space is curved because of  existing mass or matter etc. – this shows “how space is empty and curved”.     

Free download as pdf,  66 pages, 0.6 MB.  Paper size DIN A4, standing and
25-25-25-25 mm. margins give WYSIWYG in letter size Arial 11, allowing  you to make personal notes.
                           Part I  provides also the solution of Riemann’s Zeta-Hypothesis
of  1859CE, one of CMI’s Millennium Prize Problems, see
submenu CMI-1. 

Part II … the third oerdimension completes the cycle of creation of “some
thing out of 
nothing” being the eight octoquants…
This  can be downloaded as pdf,  60 pages, 1.8 MB,  paper size DIN A4,
standing,  2
5-25-25-25 mm. margins give WYSIWYG in letter size Arial 10,
allowing you to make personal notes.
                    Part II provides the solution of the Quantum Yang-Mills Theorem of                        missing mass in Universe , see submenu CMI-2

CMI-  Clay Mathematics Institute, Peterborough NH 03458 USA and  Oxford OX2 6GG UK,  http://www.claymath.org/ millennium-problems
Since Nature has no secrets, it provides not only the ultimate                                    solution of Fermat’s Last Theorem of  1637CE which discloses the                            two-oneness of the Universe, it also provides:
CMI-1     =  Part I      the solution of Riemann’s Zeta Hypothesis of 1859CE
CMI-2    =  Part II     the solution  of Quantum Yang – Mills Theorem and the
ss gap
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