Part II

Part II … how some thing is created out of no thing…

Part I did show in an undeniable way how a new natural start of the beginning with nothing is disclosing how Nature’s process of creation of “something out of nothing” is fundamentally different from what human beings did invent, believe and constructed on the foundation of ancestors. Nature is based on one simple oer-principle of a “unifying two-oneness” subjected to simple oer=conditions and dynamic mathematics, based on just three unifying operations having an inseparable relation with three independent directions in space.

When the hitherto broken relation between Ð1 as oerdimension of geometry and Ð2 as oerdimension of dynamics is restored,  the complex cylinder is identified as the new unity of a dynamic volume pp, per period of Ð2, being the “womb in which Nature’s cycles of creation are realized”. Its Grid of Growth commands the purification of the concept of relativity presenting Nature’s  Synchro-Super-Symmetry.

Part II is showing how these principles are leading to the identification of the third oerdimension Ð3 and it’s magnetic origin which is inseparably related to the third independent direction in space resulting in the creation of eight “octoquants” of elementary mass, matter, dark-matter etc. as the first cycle of:
Nature’sAll UnifyingTheory -AuTheoN

 A thorough knowledge of Part I is necessary to continue…        

The pdf- download allows you to follow Nature’s surprising path -step by step- in your own thime and make it part of yourself… This new knowledge not only allows you to shape your own future but also to understand the surprising solution of  CMI – 2 Millennium Prize Problem of CMI – Clays Mathematics Institute.

The pdf- download consist of 180 pages, 1.4 MB, papersize DIN A4 210-297 mm. Printed with margins of 25 millimeters = WYSIWYG, there is
ample space to make personal notes…

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