CMI -Clay Mathematics Institute

dedicated to increasing and disseminating mathematical knowledge

CMI grew out of the longstanding belief of its founder, Mr. Landon T. Clay, in the value of mathematical knowledge and its centrality to human progress, culture, and intellectual life.
Discussions over some years with Professor Arthur Jaffe helped shape Mr. Clay’s ideas how the advancement of mathematics could best be supported. These discussions resulted in the incorporation of the Institute on September 25, 1998, under Professor Jaffe’s leadership.

The primary objectives and purposes of the Clay Mathematics Institute are
  “to increase and disseminate mathematical knowledge;
   to educate mathematicians and other scientists about new discoveries in the field of  mathematics;
   to encourage gifted students to pursue mathematical careers; and
   to recognize extraordinary achievements and advances in mathematical research.

CMI seeks to “further the beauty, power and universality of mathematical thinking.”
CMI  is located in Oxford, OX2 6GG, UK  &  Peterborough, NH, 03458, USA,

Two submenu’s
The natural start of Nature’s beginning with nothing did allow me to discover CMI- Clays Mathematics Institute and their seven selected MPP – Millennium Prize Problems to celebrate the arrival of the third millennium (the second one presenting 23 problems chosen by the German mathematician Hilbert) .
Now first part of Nature’sAll Unifying Theory –  AuTheoN” is based on no thing and the second part on the creation of “some thing”, this separation its perfectly matching the two CMI – MPP’s.

PART I starts with the identification of a point of no thing showing how Nature’s oer-conditions are leading to “the structure of the Universe”, all based on no thing, that is “before the beginning of the creation of some thing out of no thing”…
Submenu CMI – 1 presents the final verdict of the “Zeta- hypothesis” of the German mathematician Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann [1826 -1866CE] as presented in the year when he succeeded Peter Gustav L. Dirichlet [1805-1859CE] as Head of the Mathematic Department of the Göttingen University, who succeeded the great geodesist and mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss [1777-1855CE] who happened to be Riemann’s professor. In spite of many attempts, Riemann’s  Zeta- Hypothesis is unsolved since its presentation in 1859CE.

PART II  shows how continuing to respect the logistic order of Nature’s logic is leading to the disclosure of the third oerdimension and Nature’s cycle of creation of “some thing out of no thing”: the eight octoquants in each complex cylinder during each new period of thime.
Submenu CMI – 2 presents the solution of another CMI – MPProblem: the “Yang-Mills Theorem of missing mass in Universe”, showing how Nature’s All Unifying Theory – AuTheoN and its Synchro- Super-Symmetry to the very special, unique & unambiguous Ð0– point of no thing, the Oersprong of All, hence no mass nor some thing is missing…

The original MPP- descriptions and conditions can be found at

As sole author of Nature’s “All Unifying Theory- AuTheoN “I herewith claim the solution of two CMI- Millennium Prize Problems: 
                             CMI – 1         Riemann’s  Zeta Hypothesis of 1859CE and 
                             CMI – 2         Yang – Mills Hypothesis of Missing mass in Universe

The new natural start of the beginning with nothing discloses -again and again- Nature’s oerprinciple of an inseparable two-oneness and its (logic + logistic) order to be followed in a consequent & consistent way.
When this is respected, the first four natural (counting) numbers did confirm their two-oneness by disclosing their inseparable relations with three independent directions in space, although Nature did not provide an objective  method to define & quantisize them. But the identification of natural (counting) number “five with its beta-symbol 5 ” failed to be a two-oneness by not offering a second possibility, this necessitates a return to natural (counting) number one 1, disclosing a new second two-oneness hidden so far: this restores the inseparable relation between  Đ1 as oerdimension of geometry and Đ2 as oerdimension of dynamics, also making Đ1 ambiguous because all (unidentified) points on the radius are now except its origin… 

This confirmation of Nature’s exclusive oer-principle of an “inseparable two-oneness” did also necessitate to identify the fundamental differences between Nature’s dynamic mathematics and the evident “static & immobile” mathematics of homo sapiens. Since Nature shows to have no secrets, even when it would take thousands of years till results of human curiosity, observations and intelligence did arrive at new findings, it can also be no surprise that Nature’s start of its beginning with nothing is also emphasizing “the importance to watch the power of powers“. This is also disclosing the simple solution of the great mystery of Fermat’s Last Theorem –FLT– of 1637CE, no longer being the too complicated solution as presented by Andrew Wiles at the end of last century, which is said to be only understood by a few highly specialized static & immobile mathematicians… But when Nature’s oer-principles are followed, all is leading to the complex structure of Descartes’ Universe its inseparable two-oneness now being available to everyone…

As serendipic surprise, the new natural start of the beginning with nothing provides also the ultimate solution of Riemann’s Zeta- Hypothesis which has been cracking the minds of all static & immobile mathematicians ever since 1859CE, showing how the nine pages of his Habilitation of 1854CE  and the “Non-Euclidean concept” of his professor Gauss can never be properly understood, because they are not in accordance with Nature’s oer-conditions….
The free pdf allows you to print AuTheo‘s solution/ respons, showing step by step the surprising fact that Riemann came very close to Nature’s truth when he tried various kinds of new methods, including (upright printed) complex variables, in attempts to get hold of primes and their distribution on the boundless, unlimited and infinite long local line as his real
X- axis or on the natural (counting) numbers as one of the first generation Z- radials of the Universe…