new “start of the beginning with nothing” is disclosing how Nature’s process of creation is fundamentally different from what “human beings did invent and believe and from what how your ancestors did store in your genes… Nature is based on simple, never changing oer-principles and -conditions: there are just three unifying  operations, leading to the first two oer-dimensions. This necessitates to change the “cube” as static & immobile unity of volume into the cylinder  as Nature’s unity of volume, a dynamic volume: “the womb in which Nature’s process of creation is going to be realized”.
Its geometric “Grid of Growth” commands the purification of the “concept of relativity”, presenting  Nature’sSynchro-Super-Symmetry” and the “Grand Unification” presenting all details of the creation of “some thing out of no thing”: identifying per cycle one massless “photon” and realizing seven particles of elementary mass, matter, dark-matter etc., all eight octoquants in accordance with:

                                          Nature’s  All Unifying Theory -AuTheoN

Before you start studying Part I, please read the Introduction which offers some advice how to deal with the results of this new natural  start of the beginning with nothing without blowing your mind