Introduction CMI-2

When the new natural start of the beginning with nothing is made, Nature proves -again and again- how its oerprinciple of an inseparable
two-oneness of its (logic + logistic order) is followed in a consequent & consistent way. When this is respected, the peculiar role of number five 5 which offered no second possibility did necessitate a return to the natural (counting) number one, 1 which did disclose the inseparable relation between the first two oerdimensions Đ1 of geometry and Đ2 of dynamics









C        0  0       +  ++ 
D & G      1     0  +  
H      1         + + 
B      2                                      – –
A & F       2         +  
E      3      0   

This did also necessitate to identify the fundamental differences between Nature’s dynamic mathematics and the “static & immobile math of homo sapiens”, leading to the identification of the third oerdimension Đ3 and its inseparable relation with the third independent direction in space, being the complex Z- radial of Universe as inseparable two-oneness, showing Synchro-Super-Symmetry to Đ0  as Oersprong  of the Universe, being a very special  D0- point of nothing, AuTheoN‘s PART II showing how it is the only point of nothing which is static & immobile and free of “gravity forces”…

One cycle of Nature’s process of creation shows how “some thing is created out of no thing”, identifiable as “octoquants”: one massless part as photon and seven ones of mass, matter and dark-matter, still un-defined and not quantisized.

Nature’s cycle of creation is realized in each ccylinder in the XNshell during its period of being complex. Outerspace is empty, filled with no thing, there can be no influence which would cause any disruption in the ever continuing process, hence there is no mass, matter or dark-matter missing in the Zwelbol (=XNsphere).