It isn’t widely known how the “second” became the unity of Nature’s dynamics known as “time” when the Chinese did discover how six equilateral triangles which are sharing the point of one corner are surrounded by the circumferenc of a circle which radius does haven the same length as the side of each triangle. Observing Yin as symbol of the night did allow them to make maps of the celestial ////uitspansel////
used for practical navigation purposes on their voyages on the seas of the world.
Their hexagisemal “system of counting” which did start number 1 for Yang as symbol of Heaven, male, giving, masculin strength and creation , 2 for Yang as symbol for darkness, feminine, reception,
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 with 5 in the centre of the large square of 9 3 by 3 smaller squares
having their own (alpha-) name for “ten, hundred, thousand and ten-thousand as largest number in daily practice, hence there was no need to invent “zero, 0 which had to wait till Indian-merchants felt the need around 800 CE. Since the natural start of the beginning with nothing identified as non-natural (counting) number the new catergorie necessary to arrive at “unique & unambiguous” definition because of the three unifying operations which are identified in and by Nature. Its logistic order leading to the D2 as oer-dimension of dynamics, complting first one -the absolute first oer-dimension D1 of geometry, both based on no thing, their unifiction leading to the structure of the Universe …
The first encounter with the second in the Western world arrived in 1657CE when the Dutch scientist Christian Huygens presented the solution how to improve the unprecise pendulum clocks even when they did get a major improvement by “crown wheel” which -since the twelfth century- stop the swing by a hard collision with the teeth of that crowned wheel, arriving at a precision of -at best- 15 minutes per day. As one of the leading scientists in Europe, he was living in Paris, appointed chairman of the Royal Society of Sciences. His patent application was compelted with a beta-formula the first one ever, showing how a period of 1 second would be equal “to the duration of one swing of the plomb bob at the end of the pendulum” when its length would be
1 meter as new unity of length because the local coefficient of acceleration (since Newton’s gravity law of 1687 symbolised by “g”) was known to be
9,81 [ m/sec2 ], corrected at sea level, at 46degrees North when the meter would have a length of about three French feet.
Now the new natural start of Nature’s beginning with nothing knows only “unifying operations” and nosub-tractions, divisions and taking roots” Huygens’formula is easily purified by multiplying each term by itself arriving at TH = 4 pi2 . L / a since the kown valu of a happns to b about th sam as th value of squared pi… when L is defined & quantisized as 1 meter being about three French feet.