CMI -1

Introduction to CMI – 1
When the new natural start of the beginning with nothing is made, Nature proves -again and again- how it’s oerprinciple of an inseparable two-oneness and its (logic + logistic) order is followed in a consequent & consistent way. When this is respected, the first four natural (counting) numbers did confirm their
two-oneness by disclosing their inseparable relations with three independent directions in space, although Nature did not provide a method to define & quantisize them. When the identification of natural (counting) number “five with its beta-symbol 5 ” failed to be a two-oneness by not offering a second possibility, this necessitates a return to natural (counting) number one 1 which did disclose a new
two-oneness hidden so far, being the inseparable relation between  Đ1 as oerdimension of geometry and Đ2 as oerdimension of dynamics

This confirmation of Nature’s oerprinciple of an inseparable two-oneness did also necessitate to identify the fundamental differences between Nature’s dynamic mathematics + the “static & immobile math of homo sapiens”. Since Nature shows to have no secrets, even when it has taken thousands of years till results of human curiosity, observations and intelligence did arrive at new findings, it can be no surprise that the new natural start of the beginning with nothing is also emphasizing “the importance to watch the power of powers”. This did also disclose the simple solution of the great mystery of Fermat’s Last Theorem of 1637CE (no longer being the complicated solution presented by Andrew Wiles at the end of last century, only accessible to a few highly specialized static & immobile mathematicians, but a simple confirmation of Nature’s oerprinciples, available to everyone).

As serendipic surprise, this new natural start of the beginning with nothing provides also the ultimate solution of Riemann’s Zeta-Hypothesis which has been cracking the minds of all static & immobile mathematicians ever since 1859CE, showing how the nine pages of his Habilitation of 1854CE  and the “Non-Euclidean concept” of his professor Gauss can’t be properly understood…

The pdf allows you to print AuTheo‘s solution, showing step by step the surprising fact that Riemann came very close to Nature’s truth when he tried all kinds of new methods in attempts to get a hold of primes and their distribution on the boundless, unlimited and infinite long line of natural (counting) numbers…