Part I

Part I  … how a point of nothing will change your life…

A new start of “the beginning with no thing” shows right from the beginning why “Nature’s  process of creating some thing out of no thing” is fundamentally different from what the human race did believe and develop after thousands of years. The dominating argument seems to be that mankind has great difficulties to accept that just because “no thing” is invisible and untouchable, it does exist… being in perfect opposition to a “thing” even when this is too general and too vague .
This new start with nothing will show how Nature’s  “process of creation of some thing out of no thing” is based on one simple oer-principle of a “unifying two-oneness“,  subjected to simple oer-conditions. But even when Nature’s logistic order of its purest logic is respected as well, this discloses only three unifying operations -each one being inseparably related to its own independent direction  in space-, but Nature presents no possibility to arrive at an “objective method how directions can be defined & quantisized”, simply because the logistic order is announcing that Nature’s thime hasn’t arrived yet, providing also its explanation.

Hence mankind was obliged to wait till the hitherto broken relation between Đ1 as absolute first oerdimension of geometry and Đ2 as oerdimension of dynamics has been restored and the “cube” turns out to be “static & immobile  being replaced by the “cylinder” as new unity of the “dynamic” volume pp, “per period of Đ2. But when Universe will be identified as “boundless, unlimited and infinite large”, it must also be in accordance with Nature’s exclusive principle of a two-oneness, this consequence is disclosing the final solution of Fermat’s Last Theorem of 1637CE, breaking mathematical minds ever since, only now
being accessible to everyone…

When Nature’s oerconditions are applied to some alpha-words as applied in static & immobile mathematics, this discloses a geometric “super-symmetry”, not to a flat plane of a mirror or to a straight- or curved line of no thing but to one “special” point of no thing” and now the broken relation between the first two oerdimensions is restored, this discloses
Nature’s Synchro-Super-Symmetry to that unique & unambiguous “very special” point of no thing which is the Oersprong of the two-oneness of the Universe…

PDF- download
The free pdf- download allows you step by step to follow Nature’s path full of surprises in your own thime and make it part of yourself…This new knowledge not only allows shows you how to shape your future, but also to understand AuTheoN’s surprising solution of CMI- Millennium Prize Problem of Riemann’s Zeta-Hypothesis of 1859CE, see subMENU  CMI-1.

The free pdf- download  consist of 66 pages,  565 KB, paper size DIN A4 210-297 mm, margins of 25 millimeters in Arial 11  giving WYSIWYG, offering space to make notes…



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